LUMINES REMASTERED Switch/PS4 Patch Update 7/18/2018

Below are the patch notes for the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of Lumines Remastered.


A new patch update (version 1.1.1) is live, as of 07/18/18.


  • Added Analog Stick option (Options/Control settings/Type C and D – see screenshots below)
  • Optimized load times (title screen, game modes and rankings)
  • Fixed issues with achievements not unlocking properly
  • Improved feature for locally stored high scores to be updated in online leaderboards when game is turned on in online mode
  • Improved controls when dropping blocks
  • Improved audio mix in certain skins and expanded overall audio volume range from 4 level settings to 8 (default option for BGM and Sound Effects is 4)
  • Fixed issue with locked Avatars appearing during selection in Avatar menu
  • Fixed issue with the last timeline column not adding to final score in Time Attack Mode
  • Fixed issue with blocks momentarily changing colors during skin transition
  • Fixed issue with vibration stopping when only the Trance Vibration was ON in Vibration setting
  • Fixed issue with blocks moving from control inputs during loading screen before gameplay began
  • Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes



A new patch update (version 1.03) is live, as of 07/18/18.


  • Added a new setting “Background motion ON/OFF” (under Video Setting)
  • Increased default Vibration level (strength) and added options for Vibration Setting  
  • Adjusted block design in “Spirits” skin to be color blind friendly
  • Fixed issue in Puzzle No. 097 “LOVE” with blocks not clearing
  • Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes