LUMINES REMASTERED Update 6/29/2018: LAUNCH IS GO! & upcoming fixes

First of all, thank you thank you THANK YOU all so much for making our launch week such a huge success!

We’ve been truly humbled by the response to Lumines Remastered from all over the globe, across all four platforms, from fans of the PSP original to total newcomers. From all of us here at Enhance, our warmest thanks and a big, (((vibrating))) hug to all of you for your love and support for Lumines!

Of course our work isn’t done yet: We’ve been (and still are!) closely monitoring feedback across all platforms, and, in the interest of transparency, wanted to mention some improvements and / or fixes we’re working on to make Lumines Remastered even better.

(Please bear in mind this is a snapshot of our current plans, and is subject to change!)

All platforms:

  • Optimizing load times
  • Adjusting audio mix
  • Addressing blocks dropping when control inputs are too fast
  • Addressing blocks moving from control inputs (during loading screen) before gameplay begins
  • Addressing combos in the last timeline column not adding to final score in Time Attack Mode
  • Addressing unstable timeline bar in certain skins
  • Addressing blocks momentarily changing colors during skin transition
  • Addressing any achievements not unlocking properly

Nintendo Switch:

  • Adding optional analog stick controls
  • Addressing vibration stopping during gameplay when only Trance Vibration “rhythm” is ON (and standard Vibration set to OFF)

Nintendo Switch and PS4:

  • Addressing unlocked avatars appearing during selection in Avatar menu

We’re working on patches to address the above as we speak, but release times will vary per platform. Thanks to all who offered feedback, and thanks again to everyone for your support! Have a great weekend (hopefully playing some more Lumines!) 🙂